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Tumblr homebase for me - a kinky, queer Goth who is obsessed with geeky-gamer stuff, cosplay, & comic-books. Have PhD & intense wanderlust. Will post lots if selfies, costume pics, geek stuff, and rants about higher ed. (^_^)

Blog started: 02/08/2012


Dragon Con 2014

iwannabeforeverhyung (you’re skirt is fantastic!)


Dragon*con 2014 Saturday & Sunday

jokersjottings ! Puddin! Look how cute we look!
Loving the wind
Does not mean I love the ocean less.
Each evokes a different part of me
And brings me different lessons,
And my love for them would not diminish
If I also loved the fertile forest.

━ Loren Davidson (Many Loves)

Dragon*Con Sunday is casual Harley day.


Lethal Doses for Commonly Ingested Chemicals

Cosplay Props
My new cosplay partner (who rocks) and I decided to do the Dentist and Assistant versions of Harley & Joker from Mad Love for Dragon*Con,  Because I love making props, I had to make him Joker’s drill from that scene.

Construction Notes:
The body is a cheap drill.  For safety, I removed the internal battery so it no longer can spin.  This also makes it lighter for carrying around at con.  The base was primed and using some Worbla scraps and a wooden skewer, I made the “bit” for the drill (which is hot glued in place). Then more priming and painting gave it the finished look.  The “ACME” on the side and the happy & frowny faces on the button where painted with a toothpick and the super-fine model brushes.  I think it turned out great (^_^)

Dragon*Con Thursday selfies

I was out cruising without you, they were playing our song
Crying on Saturday Night!

Cosplayers a week before a Convention…





In 1983 a man was tested to see if he could sense god if all his senses were taken away. Every sense nerve in his brain was disconnected. He could not feel, hear, see or smell. He began reporting he could hear the voices of the dead and gave precise details that he could have not known. He then said he could see them and began clawing at his eyes, it turned to screaming and biting chunks of his flesh off. His last words were “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us” and died.

this is terrifying

the caption is nice and all but this image is from the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment in Alabama, USA. It’s listed as one of the largest eugenics/racist acts in America towards African Americans. 

so idk about you but the image is misleading to your message.

Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress - which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.

━ Unknown (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


What if the entire Dawn of Justice movie Diana is fighting the real villains while Clark and Bruce are fighting each other then at the end of the movie she breaks down the door at Clark’s apartment ties him up and drops him at Bruce’s door step like “Start being friends right now because I am tired of doing all this shit myself.” And that’s how the Justice League is formed